We are multi-faceted animal care facility, providing the highest quality veterinary care for your pets.

Veterinary Services for Pet Pigs & Chickens

Pig Vaccinations

Pet pigs are becoming increasingly popular companion animals, and need preventative care just like any other pet. Vaccinations are an important part of preventing disease in pet pigs. We offer RhiniShield TX4 vaccinations for pigs to help prevent atrophic rhinitis and erysipelas. We also suggest a rabies vaccination, and checking and treating for intestinal parasites and mites.

Spaying and Neutering Pigs

We provide spaying and neutering services for pet pigs. Males should be neutered around 3 months of age in order to prevent serious behavioral disorders and unpleasant odors. Additionally, neutering at this age will help delay the development of dangerous tusks. Females should also be spayed around 3 months of age in order to avoid behavioral problems which worsen when they go into heat. Spaying will also eliminate the chance of developing ovarian cysts and uterine cancers. We are equipped with the necessary tools to handle and restrain pet pigs, and the appropriate anesthetic drugs and equipment.


Backyard chickens have become very popular in more urban locations, and it can be difficult to find a vet for chickens in these areas. Chickens may succumb to various wounds and illnesses, but often hide illness until they are very sick. Dr. Lipstock and Dr. Cline are happy to examine sick chickens and advise owners on appropriate treatments.