Coworkers and Friends

The team that plays together, stays together! Or at least that’s what we all hope whenever we get out together as a group to do something fun. It’s a lot more important than you might think, especially in a busy clinic like ours. It’s very easy for everyone to get caught up in their roles when we are so busy (like now, thanks summertime) that sometimes we barely get to say hello to people working in different areas.

The receptionists are up front, and then the assistants and technicians usually rotate daily for surgery, appointments, or lab. It can be overwhelming at times. Heck, sometimes it’s difficult to say hello even if you’re working in the same area! Everyone takes lunch at different times, and we’re all trying to cover for each other as we take care of breaks (if we can get them) or whatever else we need to do. So, all in all, it can be a pretty hard place to get to really know each other.

We usually try to get together and do things as a team a few times a year. Many of the staff make a point of trying to do the Bon Air 5 K each year, and this past year was no exception. We also had a team paint ball day, which I think was probably emotionally cathartic in a lot of ways. I didn’t get to go to that, but I do have an idea of who would have gotten the brunt of my paint balls… And this past weekend we made a trip to Busch Gardens. I love Busch Gardens. It’s wonderful getting everyone together, and even though we don’t all like the rides or shows we somehow end up getting along just fine. Some people come with their families (I don’t, I leave them all at home) and some people bring friends, and we sometimes all end up going different ways and doing different things. Then we come together at lunch and fill up a few rows at Das Festhaus and enjoy an hour or so break from all our fun.

We all enjoyed the time getting a chance to get together as friends, rather than just as coworkers. No matter how busy or stressed we get at work, times like this help us to manage it without losing sight of the important things in life. And there’s just something so wonderful about putting some of your favorite people into a teacup and spinning it as fast as you can. There were several highlights of the day, and I still think my favorite moment was viewing the pictures after Dr. Jones rode Escape from Pompeii. Her look of pure terror is one I will cherish forever. And I think that all of us who saw the Pet Shenanigans show have decided that KP is not really living up to her full potential as our mascot. We’re preparing for an intervention with her, but meanwhile I’m looking forward to our next staff excursion with anticipation. Who knows? This time of year is perfect for some fresh picked apples from Carter’s Mountain Orchard…